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Climate Change Reality 1896-2013: Mauka to Makai

In 1896, approximately 150 years after the dawn of the industrial revolution began to disrupt Earth’s natural energy balance, Nobel Laureate chemist Svante Arrhenius theorized that carbon dioxide (CO2) derived from fossil fuel combustion induced atmospheric global warming. Nonetheless, it took another 62 years before Dr. Charles David Keeling established the Mauna Loa Observatory on […]

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Zambia’s Greatest Wilderness: The Lower Zambezi National Park

You can travel the world, but you will never encounter the pure wild isolation of the great national parks in Zambia. One of these vast unfenced reserves is the Lower Zambezi National Park on the Zambezi River. I decided to chat to some of the heroes working to conserve this patch of paradise, to find […]

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Green Marathon Against Global Warming

Thousands of people took part in the marathon conducted to create an awareness of the impact of global warming and the importance of ensuring the safety of environment here on Sunday. The ‘Green Marathon’ was conducted under four categories — marathon for men, marathon for women, walkathon for women and men above 35 years of […]

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